Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our History


As our name suggests, it all started with one heart being convicted by our merciful God. Our founder, Dan Yeager, was visiting an orphanage in Java, Indonesia in 2004 when he unexpectedly found himself weeping and deeply touched by the plight of the children there.

Aware that he alone could not meet the myriad of needs, Dan teamed up with Steve Williams who together formed an organization and recruited a team with a shared vision.  A Heart for Children was soon established. 

Soon after, a network of volunteers began to grow launching AHFC on its journey to become a channel for funds that supports, protects and educates these needy children.

Dan left California in 2008 to set up full time residence in Bali, Indonesia with the executive support team remaining here in the United States. This has enabled him to reside alongside the orphanages and personally provide daily support and oversight to the caretaker staff and children.

In 2010, AHFC stepped out in faith and leased a partially built two-story building on a parcel of land in the village of Klungkung. The view from the 2nd floor stretches from the local rice fields, banana trees, farmers and villagers to the distant Indian Ocean. Dan, a retired engineer, finished designing and building the facility as the official home of AHFC, where he now lives full time with his loving wife and co-laborer Tati.

“AHFC Vocational and Training Center” has become central to our Christ centered outreach and a refuge to so many children who now come to feel loved, learn, worship and play.    

Dan continues to develop key relationships throughout the region creating greater awareness of the life changing service for which AHFC has been called. Dan has become well known in the area by the children as “Opa Dan”, Grandpa Dan.

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Blessings to all 

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