Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Children Need Us

Hello dear friends,

We are sending out this month's News Letter to highlight the needs of approximately 45
children from remote villages here in Bali, Indonesia. After 12 years of living in the Indonesian and Balinese cultures I firmly believe that education is the key to a better life ... it enlightens the children and broadens the choices they can make. This is especially true for the girls from rural villages. Influenced by the Hindu religion that honors their parent’s sons, it breeds in the young girls an attitude of inferiority and limitation.

These children's families or caregivers cannot afford the uniforms, shoes. And school fees needed to continue their child's education for the next school year beginning in mid-July, 2016.

We have already started visiting prospective children and observing their living conditions and assessing their needs for assistance. Most of the 39 children we have been supporting will continue to receive new school shoes, sox, backpacks, notebooks, pencils and funds for books at the start of the new school year from us.

Since Government schools require tuition fees for Junior High and Senior High school kiddos, AHFC will also pay for their monthly school fees; generally $8.00 - $15.00 per student.

When the children start Kindergarten, Elementary, Jr. High and High School, they are required to wear their schools uniform. So far we have identified 5 children that will be needing assistance for new school uniforms. These uniforms consist of 3 sets of pants, skirts, shorts and buttoned monogrammed shirts. Ties, belts and elementary school children's hats are an additional expense. Costs range between $55 and $80.00 for each child... depending on their grade level.

School clothing and supplies are relatively inexpensive. A pair of new black tennis shoe style school shoes are approx. $15.00. Backpacks cost an average of $12.00.

To avoid unwanted attention from aggressive boys and male teachers, for which there is a history in this 3rd world country....... adequate undergarments for the girls have proven to be a necessity. We will be furnishing bras, mini sets (training bras) when needed, also half slips and underpants for every female student.

The children's needs are not enormous ones and we are praying that those needs will be met.

Many of us have truly been blessed with the resources and comforts we've grown accustomed to. Our hope is a few are willing to share with these beautiful, yet isolated children during this particular time of need. We promise to do our part, to meet with each child and provide the necessities and loving arms… that you make possible.

Please visit our web site - aheartforchildren.org, and click on How to Help. 

Please know that no one at A Heart For Children receives a salary or compensation of any kind. We are an all volunteer USA 501 (c) (3) Public Charity. 100% of all donations to AHFC goes directly to the children and widows we support. 

I would love to hear from you. Please send emails to: daninbali@gmail.com

God's blessings to you all,
Dan Yeager

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A February Greeting

Hello dear friends,

I had some unexpected medical issues to take care of in Seattle just after Christmas and arrived back in Bali on the 29th of January.

I was accompanied by my new pacemaker portable monitor.... which can send it's readings from Bali to a receiving station in San Francisco, where technicians can make any necessary adjustments to my pacemaker through a Wi-Fi connection. Amazing technology, huh?

If you've been following A Heart For Children, then you are aware of my missionary exploits over the last 15 years. I do, in many peoples eye, practice the love and hospitality of a disciple of Christ. Most of the time our News Letters are a report of what we have done, who we have helped and what we are doing in service for others. However, it is my relationship with God that is most important to the success of AHFC's Ministries. I need His wisdom and direction ... if applied His way, the devotion to a cause and service to others is assured. Sometimes I fail at this.

Having had a few weeks away from Bali, I took the time to pray and rebuild my relationship with God. I'd like to share some of the results of those meditative moments with you.

I do not need more things. What I do need is more of God's love in me.... which forces out and triumphs over the selfish desires within me.

I need to continually renew my relationship with God, so that I can draw upon the love and direction He puts into me....and not rely upon my own sympathies, prejudices and feelings, least I misrepresent His loving ways.

With all the distractions of life, it take a concentrated effort to keep the commitment to continue along the path that God has laid before me.. That path is an unpredictable journey of Faith, Trust and Hope, which leads to where the Love of God resides. Therein lies my comfort and purpose.

All of us at AHFC thank you for your prayers, your well wishes and your faithful support of our Orphanage, Medical, Educational, Basic Needs and Widows Ministries here in Bali, Indonesia.

May God Bless You All
Dan Yeager

Christmas Eve at our home in North Bali

Our kiddos making Christmas Gift Bags for children in remote villages

Tati with some of the recipients of the Christmas Gift Bags

Monday, January 4, 2016

Holiday Greetings

Over the Christmas Holidays, Tati traveled to Klungkung, where we had our Bali Training Center, to visit families and the children there that we continue to support. AHFC funds were used to buy new school shoes and supplies, and also Christmas Gift snacks for those children. Many of the people cried and told Tati how much they missed her and Opa Dan and the activities the Training Center offered for nearly 5 years.

Saturday Dec. 12th, marked the end of the school semester for the Indonesian children, who will now have a 15 day holiday. This means that our North Bali base house will become home for many kiddos from the surrounding area during their vacation time. As in years past, former Orphanage and Training Center students now working in the main city of Denpasar, who have no family connections in Bali, will also be spending the 4 day Christmas Holiday weekend with us. It's a wonderful time to reminisce, to give them our attention and let them know that they are loved. 

The Kiddos in the above picture Putri 17 (holding Ling Ling), Bayu 14, Risky 2, Timothy 9, Riza 8, Dina 7, Devi 10 and John 17, are our live in family. 

Tati and I want to thank all of our faithful and generous contributors, whose donations have made it possible for us to help so many children receive food, clothing, an education, health care and a loving home to those kiddos who live at Mothers Heart Orphanage and at our home base here in North Bali.

All of us at A Heart For Children hope you have a very Joyful and Happy New Year.

May God Bless You All
Dan Yeager

Monday, June 22, 2015

Letter from Bali

Now that we have settled into our new home base here in North Bali, I’d like to devote this news letter to informing you with specific information about how donated funds to A Heart For Children are being used for the support of school children.

A large portion of our ministry focuses on helping children from remote villages to receive an Indonesian Government school education. Parents will go to great lengths to see that their eldest son gets a basic education, because that son will be their inheritor and their source of care when they are old. It’s a different story for the village girls, who often do not continue their education beyond 6th grade due to the economic burden school fees and uniform costs put on poor families. These girls often will work in the rice fields, attend to the pigs and marry a parent chosen older man while still in their mid teens… carrying on the tradition of their mothers and grandmothers.

Tati and I are committed to triumphing over tradition to support these village girls. We have supplied girl students with undershirts (singlet’s), training bras (mini sets) and short leggings (mid thigh undies because they wear skirts). These items are usually unaffordable for the girls but they are necessary to avoid being belittled and teased by their male classmates and teachers.

There are 20 village children that have received school uniforms, shoes and backpacks from A Heart For Children. We also pay the $20 monthly school fees for 8 of those students who are attending Jr. High and Sr. High Schools. In July we will be purchasing uniforms for 3 more girls entering Jr. High School and we will also be paying their monthly school fees. 

Komang Debi
Kadek Ari
Luh Budi
Students entering elementary, Jr. High and Sr. High Schools must wear the required 4 sets of uniforms costing $100. School shoes and socks are $17 and back packs cost $18. We are blessed and grateful that our supporters in the U.S.A. have provided the funding to pay for all of the school children’s expenses.

Tati’s sister Mary is employed by the Indo Government as an English teacher. Some of the schools Mary is assigned to are located in remote mountain areas here in North Bali. We asked her to inform us when she comes into contact with children who may need assistance. Upon hearing about some of the children’s circumstances, and with the cooperation of the Head Master’s and teachers of 2 schools, Tati and Mary compiled a list of 40 children.

Knowing that the students lacked basic school supplies and to have an introductory meeting with those selected students in their school setting, Tati, Mary and volunteers purchased and individually bagged 6 class notebooks, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, pens and a zippered carrying case of each of the 40 students.

The kiddo’s are dressed in their sport uniforms for their once a week 1hr. of sport activities.

Now Tati and Mary will make home visits to interview these needy children’s parents and or guardians to assess the kiddo’s living conditions, home life and the child’s desire to achieve in order to determine if further assistance would benefit the student.

These village kiddo’s, who attend one of Tati’s weekly neighborhood classes, also received a packet of school supplies.

Thank you all for your encouragement and for your support of the children we care for.

Please keep us in your prayers, for we have many needs to meet in the coming months.

Dan Yeager

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bali News Letter

June, 2014
Today was the last day of school for the children here in Bali. They will have from two weeks to a month of vacation before returning to another 6 day a week school schedule.

Thanks to your donations, A Heart For Children has set up a fund and interviewed the parents living in poor villages, who have children that are transitioning (needing different school uniforms) from Kindergarten to 1st grade; from Elementary to Jr. High and from Jr. High to Sr. High. These selected children will receive scholarships for their school uniforms fees and yearly tuition fees.   It's normal for children from poorer rural areas to start working to help support their family because the Indonesian government does not have free public education beyond grade 6. 

Our Kindergarten class of 12 students has come to an end.  Even though it has been a rewarding experience, we have decided that we will not commit to starting another class next school year. 

Our daily schedule at the Training Center…..  Kindergarten students arriving at 7:00 am and leaving at 11:00 am 6 days a week… and Elementary and Jr. High students arriving at 12:30 pm and leaving at 5:30 pm… has kept us very busy.

 With our morning free it will give us more time to focus on the needs of children from poor families living in remote villages. Like little Putu here holding the camera case.

For the next month our Bali Training Center will have an overflow of children.  Since school is out there are very few places for the children to congregate and have activities.  Many of our regular students will be bringing their friends .. so this is a wonderful opportunity for us to show all the children our Christian hospitality.

Thank you all for your prayers, your encouragement and for supporting our Bali Training Center activities, our widows, orphanage and children’s healthcare funds and for sponsoring children in our rural educational fund.

Elementary Class in session

Our Training Center football field and play area

Friday, March 21, 2014

Greetings to you all,

I have some interesting stories to tell you this month that reveal some of the lesser known cultural differences between S.E. Asia and the U.S.A.

John, my wife Tati’s 16 year old son, told us of an incident he had just witnessed at a police station. A teenager had been riding around the local area on his motorcycle with the muffler disengaged.. causing an enormously loud roar.. which was disturbing the neighborhood. The police intercepted the young driver and took him and the motorcycle to the local Police Station. While there, several policemen tied the young drivers hands behind his back, started his motorcycle engine, picked up the motorcycle driver in their arm, turned him upside down and lowered him head first close to the engines exhaust port and revved up the engine.

This incident also reminds me of the American teenager living in Singapore, who was caught several years ago making large scratches on cars with a metal blade. The teen was switched, beaten or spanked on his back with reeds causing outrage with some and applause from others.

There seems to always be effectiveness trade off’s when 1st and 3rd world cultures collide.

Two weeks ago our adopted 2nd grade son Timothy was crying when he came home from school. He said his teacher hit him and called him stupid because he could not answer a math question. I wanted to confront the teacher immediately, while Tati took it in stride saying Timothy will study harder because he does not want to be embarrassed and frightened again. If I complained to the teacher or school administration Timothy and our family would be labeled as trouble makers.

Tati’s observation of the solution to the problem has worked. Timothy studied hard and now knows his times tables…. His teacher tells him she is pleased with him …..And Timothy asked us if he could buy chocolate for his teacher for Valentine’s Day. Go figure.

At our Bali Training Center, I am continuingly observing the children and evaluating our programs to determine what is effective and what needs changing. This 1st world hands on approach is definitely necessary for our organizations success and the children’s development.

…. At the same time that I am making evaluations, Tati, being in the 3rd world mode of living in the moment with no agenda, will just sit on the entryway steps as the children enter for school. What happens next is truly enlightening. The children, especially the girls will gather around Tati and start talking to her. I don’t know the specifics of what the girls say but Tati nods affirmatively, smiles and just listens to them calmly and unhurried.

We truly believe that we are all beneficiaries of the exposure to different cultures… especially the children.

Friday, September 27, 2013


Someone said “you’re a leader not when you say you are, but when you look behind you and someone’s following.”  I wouldn’t disagree, assuming you have an interested audience. On the other hand, I would propose one’s selfless resolve to do right in the face of adversity a leader, with or without followers.

The likes of Napoleon and Custard come to mind when we think of leaders.  However, considering their followers ended up on the wrong end of firing squads for retreating, let’s consider a different kind of leader.  Christ led not because his conquest was in front of him, but because he unconditionally loved who was behind him, and for no other reason he became the greatest leader of all time. 

The Psalmist prayed; “He [makes] me lie down in green pastures, he [leads] me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. He [guides] me along the right paths for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are [with me]…”

Consider God’s leadership style; first he lies us down to rest, to get refreshed. Then he leads us, then guides us and finally sets us free to choose our own steps through this chaotic life, but never abandons us.        

AHFC began leading this outreach in 2006 with no other motive but to unconditionally love and offer tangible help to as many children as possible in Indonesia.  We felt called to do this.  Today AHFC has become a pillar of light and refuge for hundreds of needy young lives throughout that region because of your generosity.

I write this particularly to you who have partnered with AHFC through prayer and support.  Words are not adequate to thank you for taking a leading roll and becoming an instrumental part of this ministry and family.  God is indeed using you for his name’s sake.

Daniel 12:3 “Those who are wise will shine like the brightness for the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.”

God bless,
Steve Williams 

Ps…, Close your eyes for a moment and imagine; now look behind you, you’ll see hundreds of smiling children following with hope in their eyes.