Friday, May 10, 2013

Bali News

Do any of you recall the movie Field of Dreams? Basically, it was the story of the building of a baseball playing field in a farmer’s corn planted acreage.  The inspiration for the builder of the project came from unknown voices that repeated the phrase... Build it and they will come. 

There is a striking similarity from the format of that movie with our Children's Training Center here in Bali.  With the financial help and prayers of our loyal supporters, A Heart For Children's Vocational and Educational Training Center has been built….. and the children have come! ... And we know the source of our inspiration.

To see our dreams and visions come together after nearly 3 years of concentrated effort and to witness the impact we have made towards the positive growth of the children and the families of our local community has been a real joy. 

We now operate a Dept. of Education licensed Kindergarten 2 hrs a day 6 days a week serving the local children from poor families. These children's families were unable to pay the $5.00 a month Gov. fee to attend school.  AHFC's School now pays those fees and also feeds the Kindergarten children a morning meal during their class break time....... usually eggs or meat and milk,  they rarely ever have,... along with their rice.

We are also conducting:

2 Elementary School
English and Computer classes 2 hrs a day 2 days a week

2 Jr. High School
English and Computer classes 2 hrs a day 2 days a week

The average class size now is 12 students and growing.

However, we cannot bask in achievements of the past, for we realize that there are many facets of our operation and programs that need development and improvement.

Unlike the U.S.A. when it comes to Indonesia, for every task preformed compensation is expected.  In order to keep the English and Computer teachers we need for our existing and future classes and to expand into our planned vocational training, we will need to pay our staff an acceptable wage.

The Kindergarten class costs $100 a month for fees and food.  The Kindergarten teachers are paid by the Bali Government.

We are paying the teachers for the 2 Elementary School and 2 Jr. High School English and Computer Classes $280 a month.

We are reaching out now for financial support of $4,560 to cover these expenses for the next year. 

We thank you all for your generosity and prayers which allows us to fulfill the Great Commission……at this time with few words but with extraordinary deeds, demonstrating His loving heart for children.

Our outdoor classroom 

Sport field and parking area for events

1st Pizza from our new cooking class oven, Thx. Debora.

Kindergarten class in Hindu ceremony attire.