Friday, September 27, 2013


Someone said “you’re a leader not when you say you are, but when you look behind you and someone’s following.”  I wouldn’t disagree, assuming you have an interested audience. On the other hand, I would propose one’s selfless resolve to do right in the face of adversity a leader, with or without followers.

The likes of Napoleon and Custard come to mind when we think of leaders.  However, considering their followers ended up on the wrong end of firing squads for retreating, let’s consider a different kind of leader.  Christ led not because his conquest was in front of him, but because he unconditionally loved who was behind him, and for no other reason he became the greatest leader of all time. 

The Psalmist prayed; “He [makes] me lie down in green pastures, he [leads] me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. He [guides] me along the right paths for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are [with me]…”

Consider God’s leadership style; first he lies us down to rest, to get refreshed. Then he leads us, then guides us and finally sets us free to choose our own steps through this chaotic life, but never abandons us.        

AHFC began leading this outreach in 2006 with no other motive but to unconditionally love and offer tangible help to as many children as possible in Indonesia.  We felt called to do this.  Today AHFC has become a pillar of light and refuge for hundreds of needy young lives throughout that region because of your generosity.

I write this particularly to you who have partnered with AHFC through prayer and support.  Words are not adequate to thank you for taking a leading roll and becoming an instrumental part of this ministry and family.  God is indeed using you for his name’s sake.

Daniel 12:3 “Those who are wise will shine like the brightness for the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.”

God bless,
Steve Williams 

Ps…, Close your eyes for a moment and imagine; now look behind you, you’ll see hundreds of smiling children following with hope in their eyes. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bali News From A Heart For Children - August, 2013

Before our Bali Training Center opened, A Heart For Children’s main focus was assisting Christian orphanages with funds for food, medical attention, housing and education. This was all done within the protective environment of the orphanages, where we could share our common faith openly and without fear of outside religious or political reprisal. 

Here at The Training Center in Klungkung it’s a different culture.  When enquiring about our programs, people would say to my wife Tati, “This is a Christian school… Christians will catch people and try to make them Christian.”

Bali and local government officials as well as the Hindu village chief and neighbors have been skeptical of our motives over the past 2 years.  Slowly and with genuine concern for the future and welfare of their children, we have gained their confidence and are now an integral part of the community.

Out of the 178 students registered in our programs only one has had prior contact with a foreigner.  When the children first started attending classes they were extremely shy, some would even cry and run away when they saw me.  They would not look at me when I spoke to them.  Even if they understood the message to respond, they were afraid to answer. And when they did speak, it was so soft I could not hear them.  In short, they were frightened of me.

I have worked on making eye contact…..worked on my facial expressions and soliciting verbal responses… showed them how to use a Western toilet…..lifting the lid, flushing it… and not standing on the bowl.  I’ve worked at perfecting body language and mime skills to compensate for my lack of language speaking skills.  Thankfully it has not been in vain.

For the parents to bring their children to the Training Center ….it is a great honor for our organization and for our Faith.  They trust us. 

Parents tell us there has never before been anything like the Training Center …..because we give  and do not take from them like others do.  They tell us that their children talk about the Training Center day and night and want to be there.  

We thank you all for your prayers and for your financial support, which makes The Bali Training Center and our other ministries here in Indonesia a reality for the children we are caring for.

Blessing to you all,

Dan Yeager

Kindergarten class in session.  They meet 6 days a week from 7:30 AM until 10:30 AM

Komang is ready to leave her mom’s motorcycle and start class.

Grade 1-4 students meet together before being divided up into beginning and advanced English classes.

Outside the green walls of The Center, the parents wait to pick up their Kindergarten children.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

News - June, 2013

Dear friends,

I’m happy to report to you that our Bali Training Center English language and Computer training programs are running smoothly and have exceeded any expectations we may have had regarding participation by the local village children. Officially starting with 28 children in April, we have grown to 87 registered children attending classes now.

We have faith that we will be able to meet the additional monthly expenses necessary to hire teachers.  

The seeds of our faith were confirmed when we proceeded to build our Bali Training Center and were blessed with the funding to pay the 5 year lease. And again in February of this year when a loyal supporter of A Heart For Children answered our prayers by funding our special widows ministry for 1 year …after receiving the following email from me:

Nearly two years ago, after witnessing how difficult life is here in the surrounding rural villages for senior abandoned wives and widowed women, I began helping an older Hindu widow buy food, medicine and personal care items.  That simple donation of $5 a week from my personal funds grew to supporting 13 older women in 2012 and that support continues today.

I just couldn't get these scriptures out of my mind when I met the widow's.   James 1:27 ...Pure Religion .......  is this......  to look out for orphans and widows in their distress… etc.   The Spirit would not let me be satisfied with honoring only the orphan part of the verse.  And

1 John 3:17     If anyone has material possessions  and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him?

 I have nearly used up my personal savings when furnishing the Training Center and supporting other ministries over the years including these deserving  widows. I want to visit the U.S.  to register my wife Tati with the Social Security Adm. . If we could find another way to continue the widow's support, I would save $260 a month and be able to apply those funds towards the purchase of Airline Tickets.

These women are our family now.  It's such a joy to be able make life a little easier for them in their declining years and they are so humbly grateful.
If you are willing to support the Widow's Ministry please notify me by email, so the support is not used in the children's general fund.
The best way to keep track of the kiddos…..  is by the shoe trail.
Kindergarten Class in session

It’s events like these that have built our Faith and led us on into the unknown plans He has for us……. allowing AHFC to create a beautiful “Oasis of Care and Learning” in a village on Bali Island and to be able to support orphanages and a day care center…and to provide funds for children’s hospital and educational expenses and funding for the rescue and placement of unwanted children….all because of your faithful support.  What a joy!  

 One of the widows we support……… smiling for the camera with her visiting brother. We do not use donated funds to assist these needy older women because A Heart For Children follows our basic principal that 100% of all donations goes to support the children we care for.  

Thank you all for your encouraging e-mails, your prayers and your generous financial contributions.

You can view our Training Center classes in session on SKYPE  our skype name is “dymissions”
The best time to view is from 5 pm to 7pm PDT that’s 8 to 10 am in Bali.

Blessings to you all,
Dan Yeager

The best way to keep track of the kiddos…..  is by the shoe trail.

Grade 1-3 Computer Class

Kindergarten Class in session

Before and after classes the kiddo’s have free time to socialize and be challenged

All dressed up and attending Church.  These 3 widows live in a remote village compound 20K away.They raise pigs on the land owner’s property in exchange for food and a small sleeping room. Once a week the church bus picks them up and brings them to Klungkung for Sunday services. When we first started supporting them they said this is the first time in 15years that they had any money.  They, like most of the women we help cry openly when we give them support… so we are careful to conceal our giving.  It’s such a blessing to be able have this ministry.  The rewards are immediate and lasting.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Bali News

Do any of you recall the movie Field of Dreams? Basically, it was the story of the building of a baseball playing field in a farmer’s corn planted acreage.  The inspiration for the builder of the project came from unknown voices that repeated the phrase... Build it and they will come. 

There is a striking similarity from the format of that movie with our Children's Training Center here in Bali.  With the financial help and prayers of our loyal supporters, A Heart For Children's Vocational and Educational Training Center has been built….. and the children have come! ... And we know the source of our inspiration.

To see our dreams and visions come together after nearly 3 years of concentrated effort and to witness the impact we have made towards the positive growth of the children and the families of our local community has been a real joy. 

We now operate a Dept. of Education licensed Kindergarten 2 hrs a day 6 days a week serving the local children from poor families. These children's families were unable to pay the $5.00 a month Gov. fee to attend school.  AHFC's School now pays those fees and also feeds the Kindergarten children a morning meal during their class break time....... usually eggs or meat and milk,  they rarely ever have,... along with their rice.

We are also conducting:

2 Elementary School
English and Computer classes 2 hrs a day 2 days a week

2 Jr. High School
English and Computer classes 2 hrs a day 2 days a week

The average class size now is 12 students and growing.

However, we cannot bask in achievements of the past, for we realize that there are many facets of our operation and programs that need development and improvement.

Unlike the U.S.A. when it comes to Indonesia, for every task preformed compensation is expected.  In order to keep the English and Computer teachers we need for our existing and future classes and to expand into our planned vocational training, we will need to pay our staff an acceptable wage.

The Kindergarten class costs $100 a month for fees and food.  The Kindergarten teachers are paid by the Bali Government.

We are paying the teachers for the 2 Elementary School and 2 Jr. High School English and Computer Classes $280 a month.

We are reaching out now for financial support of $4,560 to cover these expenses for the next year. 

We thank you all for your generosity and prayers which allows us to fulfill the Great Commission……at this time with few words but with extraordinary deeds, demonstrating His loving heart for children.

Our outdoor classroom 

Sport field and parking area for events

1st Pizza from our new cooking class oven, Thx. Debora.

Kindergarten class in Hindu ceremony attire.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bali Update

Hello Dear Fiends,

All of us at A Heart For Children in the USA and in Bali, Indonesia hope your Easter was uplifting and personally meaningful.

Here in Bali, we have had many memorable moments in the past few months. We had the opportunity to meet and greet baby Anne, the child who's rescue A Heart For Children sponsored at the end of last year.

Also spending 4 days at our Training Center were baby Anne's 4 brothers and 3 sisters from Mothers Heart Orphanage and children from Singaraja in north Bali Island.

Last month, I visited a children's day care center located not far from our Training Center here in Klungkung.   Our Bali organizations chairman Bagus and I went there to pick up his 1 year old daughter, who had been dropped off for the first time earlier that morning.  The day care center was clean and the owner seemed competent, having been a midwife until retirement… but they, like most child care facilities, are very poor.  Inside, there were 8 children from 1 year to 2 years old in several rooms lying on blankets that were on the floor. They were all in diapers and had formula bottles in their mouths or near-by.  It was extremely hot and humid in the rooms.

The striking thing was that there were no toys... no stuffed animals or objects of any kind for them to touch or observe except their bottles. There was nothing on the walls for them to look at to stimulate their natural inquisitive minds. You guessed it... how could we not provide a rotating fan, some stuffed animals, simple educational toys like colored plastic stacking rings of various sizes.... some pull toys, colored building blocks and a large covered rolling toy chest to store it all in.

The topper is... now when the parents arrive to pick up their children, they sit with their young kiddos and play with the toys together.  Ibu Agung, the owner, is so grateful she cries and tries to kiss my hand whenever she sees me. These are the humbling moments of our ministry ....that I wish you all could witness...I just point to the sky and say,  "It's not me, thank God and the people in America who support the work we are doing here in Indonesia."

Blessings to you.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our History


As our name suggests, it all started with one heart being convicted by our merciful God. Our founder, Dan Yeager, was visiting an orphanage in Java, Indonesia in 2004 when he unexpectedly found himself weeping and deeply touched by the plight of the children there.

Aware that he alone could not meet the myriad of needs, Dan teamed up with Steve Williams who together formed an organization and recruited a team with a shared vision.  A Heart for Children was soon established. 

Soon after, a network of volunteers began to grow launching AHFC on its journey to become a channel for funds that supports, protects and educates these needy children.

Dan left California in 2008 to set up full time residence in Bali, Indonesia with the executive support team remaining here in the United States. This has enabled him to reside alongside the orphanages and personally provide daily support and oversight to the caretaker staff and children.

In 2010, AHFC stepped out in faith and leased a partially built two-story building on a parcel of land in the village of Klungkung. The view from the 2nd floor stretches from the local rice fields, banana trees, farmers and villagers to the distant Indian Ocean. Dan, a retired engineer, finished designing and building the facility as the official home of AHFC, where he now lives full time with his loving wife and co-laborer Tati.

“AHFC Vocational and Training Center” has become central to our Christ centered outreach and a refuge to so many children who now come to feel loved, learn, worship and play.    

Dan continues to develop key relationships throughout the region creating greater awareness of the life changing service for which AHFC has been called. Dan has become well known in the area by the children as “Opa Dan”, Grandpa Dan.

Visit our website by clicking the link above, or go to

Blessings to all 

Our Mission

A Heart For Children (AHFC) is a humanitarian relief organization founded on Christian principles and faith to serve orphaned and abandoned children in Southeast Asia. At each orphanage and village we support, AHFC establishes personal relationships with the children and their caretakers. 

“It is only through personal relationship and interaction that we can truly begin to understand the real life challenges these children face.” Dan Yeager, Founder of AHFC

Our mission is to raise funds for:
  • Clean water, food and clothing
  • Health care
  • Orphanage homes and their upkeep
  • General education and bible studies

Our goals are:
  • To make known the vast needs of the children in Southeast Asia
  • Provide a way for caring people to make a direct and personal impact
  • Nurture the children in safe, loving environments to become happy, productive citizens and potential leaders in their communities

“Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it”  Proverbs 22.6

AHFC is an all-volunteer, 501c3 registered nonprofit charity. All officers and directors serve without compensation. Your donations go directly to aid orphaned and abandoned children on a most immediate needs basis and are tax deductible as allowed by law. AHFC is also a registered charity in Indonesia as A Heart For Children International (AHFCi).