Wednesday, July 10, 2013

News - June, 2013

Dear friends,

I’m happy to report to you that our Bali Training Center English language and Computer training programs are running smoothly and have exceeded any expectations we may have had regarding participation by the local village children. Officially starting with 28 children in April, we have grown to 87 registered children attending classes now.

We have faith that we will be able to meet the additional monthly expenses necessary to hire teachers.  

The seeds of our faith were confirmed when we proceeded to build our Bali Training Center and were blessed with the funding to pay the 5 year lease. And again in February of this year when a loyal supporter of A Heart For Children answered our prayers by funding our special widows ministry for 1 year …after receiving the following email from me:

Nearly two years ago, after witnessing how difficult life is here in the surrounding rural villages for senior abandoned wives and widowed women, I began helping an older Hindu widow buy food, medicine and personal care items.  That simple donation of $5 a week from my personal funds grew to supporting 13 older women in 2012 and that support continues today.

I just couldn't get these scriptures out of my mind when I met the widow's.   James 1:27 ...Pure Religion .......  is this......  to look out for orphans and widows in their distress… etc.   The Spirit would not let me be satisfied with honoring only the orphan part of the verse.  And

1 John 3:17     If anyone has material possessions  and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him?

 I have nearly used up my personal savings when furnishing the Training Center and supporting other ministries over the years including these deserving  widows. I want to visit the U.S.  to register my wife Tati with the Social Security Adm. . If we could find another way to continue the widow's support, I would save $260 a month and be able to apply those funds towards the purchase of Airline Tickets.

These women are our family now.  It's such a joy to be able make life a little easier for them in their declining years and they are so humbly grateful.
If you are willing to support the Widow's Ministry please notify me by email, so the support is not used in the children's general fund.
The best way to keep track of the kiddos…..  is by the shoe trail.
Kindergarten Class in session

It’s events like these that have built our Faith and led us on into the unknown plans He has for us……. allowing AHFC to create a beautiful “Oasis of Care and Learning” in a village on Bali Island and to be able to support orphanages and a day care center…and to provide funds for children’s hospital and educational expenses and funding for the rescue and placement of unwanted children….all because of your faithful support.  What a joy!  

 One of the widows we support……… smiling for the camera with her visiting brother. We do not use donated funds to assist these needy older women because A Heart For Children follows our basic principal that 100% of all donations goes to support the children we care for.  

Thank you all for your encouraging e-mails, your prayers and your generous financial contributions.

You can view our Training Center classes in session on SKYPE  our skype name is “dymissions”
The best time to view is from 5 pm to 7pm PDT that’s 8 to 10 am in Bali.

Blessings to you all,
Dan Yeager

The best way to keep track of the kiddos…..  is by the shoe trail.

Grade 1-3 Computer Class

Kindergarten Class in session

Before and after classes the kiddo’s have free time to socialize and be challenged

All dressed up and attending Church.  These 3 widows live in a remote village compound 20K away.They raise pigs on the land owner’s property in exchange for food and a small sleeping room. Once a week the church bus picks them up and brings them to Klungkung for Sunday services. When we first started supporting them they said this is the first time in 15years that they had any money.  They, like most of the women we help cry openly when we give them support… so we are careful to conceal our giving.  It’s such a blessing to be able have this ministry.  The rewards are immediate and lasting.

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